Monday, August 26, 2013

What about the role of healing as an art form? Growing up as the daughter of a working artist, I thought often of the therapeutic role of art on a personal level and as a therapeutic transmission of communication medium on an interpersonal level. I as a kinesthetic person, my art for many years was dance in fact, training in dance led me to an injury that took away that form of expression for me. For years I struggled with no medium. I went to art school, theatre school, photography school, tried music but none of it spoke with my voice. What does is dreamwork. What does is teaching yoga & working with natural foods to help heal. What does is creating plant based medicines. What does is shaping spaces to provide a healing container. And so just as art performs a much needed healing role, perhaps there are indeed healing artists for whom creating space for healing to become in becomes an artform in itself. Perhaps the world needs healing artists to keep and transmit the language of original intent, ancient knowledge, multi-dimensional existence & human potential just as much as it needs keepers & transmitters of the language of human experience & beauty. And so, maybe I never lost my art. Perhaps it has been in me all the time painting landscapes & playing songs that I never ascribed enough value to.

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