Sunday, August 29, 2010

On Relationships

While I may the kind who finds solace, cradled in the arms of an old Oak tree and I may be the sort who prefers being kissed by moonbeams and merry breezes. Though I may be more concerned with being free to be free, being held in the arms of the benevolent Fates and open at the ready to find myself on the move. It is undoubtedly a thing of beauty to see the happiness that finding a sacred mirror can bring. So to those who've found each other, like clouds parting to reveal a sea of stars, I bless you from my unconventional heart...

Love one another enough to fiercely guard each other's solitude is how Rilke once put it and I agree. Never lose yourselves through the looking glass but find a greater understanding of your own glowing souls through having the reflection. Remember that it is a sacred trust to know the soul of another and never take this lightly for within your lover there is a light. Accept everything and never ever try to own, change or chastise the other's path. And know more than anything, that sometimes, the best you can do is to allow for the truth...

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