Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Houses of The Holy...

Recently one of my dear friends posed a brilliant question in asking, "What takes the place of all of the oil that has been extracted from the earth?" This for me conjured images of grapes turning to raisins, things caving in and lush things wilting.

May we never forget that this is our only home, we have nowhere else to go. We are fortunate to have the continued embrace of this planet despite our dysfunctional relationship with it. Gaia continues to invite us back to her sacred temple, offer us her grounding and soothing influences, welcome us like prodigal sons and daughters regardless of our continued hubris, neglect and collectively sanctioned harming.

May we remember that the intention for our relationship with the earth was not that of "other" but of "one". As a child feeding from its mother and not perceiving any distance or difference, we were offered this opportunity to cultivate relationship with Earth Mother. In the name of convenience we have created distance, prisons for ourselves and prisons for our brothers and sisters of the land and animal kingdoms. We have enslaved those who offer us only continued embrace and we have forgotten the magic that once existed between us.

Now is the time, the winds whisper for us to remember our heritage. Now is the time to rise up and journey with gentleness using weapons of love and education to effect change. May we harness our gifts and our voices to advocate for those who cannot speak but who continue to support us with the most unconditional of loves.

We have a responsibility as masterful communicators, builders and bringers of change to remember our role as servants of the earth and to understand that it has been with compassion that our perceived control has been permitted. May we be humble and remember the first time we saw the vast expanse of the ocean and our smallness in comparison. May we not awaken the wolf mother within our dear benevolent planet but seek only to help her lick her wounds. Now is the time to exercise our love and to harness our healing for all that is. Just as your body is home for your Spirit, Gaia is home for your body. May we all strive to offer the best of ourselves in service to these sacred temples.

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